The Back Pain Centre

The Back Pain Centre is a centre of clinical excellence specialising in back and neck pain rehabilitation. Successful and definitive elimination of spine region pain requires a comprehensive service offering medical, surgical, radiological and interventional assessment built on a foundational principle of treating root causation and the disease of Movement Dysfunction that causes the symptoms of Back Pain.

The Back Pain Centre is the only clinically directed service in Australia that delivers the Functional Movement Training Centre’s distinctive and unique NeuroHAB Movement Therapy program developed by the team lead by Dr David Johnson Brain and Spinal Neurosurgeon, Olympic Weightlifting Coach and Functional Movement Therapist.

Our mission statement for your success is: “Treat the disease don’t just temporise or mask the symptoms of back pain. We build our patient’s functional capacity on a foundation of imperative, virtuous, skilful acquisition of movement proficiency to exceed their unique functional demands.  We avoid anti-movement therapy and dismiss couch-based manual therapy. Exercise, stretching, Pilates, core strengthening and fitness does not equate to movement proficiency and will not resolve Low Back Pain symptoms.  Movement Virtuosity and being proficient at the Sport of Life will.”





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Functional Movement Training Centre

The methodology of Movement Therapy evolved from purely clinical beginnings. Dr David Johnson’s unique awareness of movement proficiency and development of the biomechanics of NeuroHAB defined functional movement, together with his Neurosurgery and spinal surgery practice, allowed the puzzle pieces to be put together to create a clear understanding of why, on a global scale back pain rehabilitation is failing. Incidence, prevalence, and recurrence of back pain symptoms are escalating, being amongst the nations highest economic health burdens. The primary reason for failure to control this epidemic is the misguided approach of targeting back pain symptoms and not the root of the disease which is movement dysfunction. The vast majority of therapies don’t have a definition or a mechanism of correcting the disease of Movement Dysfunction. THIS SETS US APART!

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The Functional Movement Training Centre offers a distinctly unique Motor Pattern and Movement Deficiency restoration system through Central Nervous System Rehabilitation – NeuroHAB®. The primary focus of the program is to definitively improve low back pain symptoms by arresting the root cause of back pain. Focusing on symptoms alone with the multitude of existing common approaches such as pain medication, massage deep tissue release, core strengthening, acupuncture, exercise and even surgery may arrest problems temporarily but logically without reversal of the underlying cause, back pain symptoms will inevitably return.

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City to Coast Neurosurgery

Dr Johnson and the City To Coast Neurosurgery team prides itself on providing a comprehensive boutique neurosurgery service with a difference. Our focus is to personalize your care in a professional and compassionate manner. We expect to get to know you and your family and of course, your neurosurgical problems inside out and we want you to feel comfortable talking to any of our staff.

Dr David Johnson and our whole team prioritize clinical communication and personally staying in touch with your progress particularly after surgery. Dr Johnson is always contactable and will personally reply to your queries in a timely manner. We understand that neurosurgery is a huge ordeal for you and your family. We feel privileged that you have entrusted us with your health.

Please know that our team will do the utmost to assist you back to good health.

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