The Back Pain Patient

There are many misconceptions about spine pain and low back pain. Our patients report very similar histories of years of back pain and have been to multiple doctors, back pain experts and physical therapists. You will probably have experienced countless sessions of physiotherapy, massage, deep tissue release and exercises all of which have very little lasting benefit on your pain symptoms.

Patients that suffer back pain begin to restrict their lifestyle because of the pain symptoms, and medicate with over the counter or prescription pain tablets. Some have had spinal injections of some form or even undergone surgery and still suffer pain.

The primary reason that patients continue to suffer pain symptoms is the fact that on a global scale the back pain therapeutic industry focuses on symptoms and ignores cause.

This is a little bit like putting a cork into a dripping tap, instead of changing the tap washer.

To definitively treat your back pain you must also treat the cause which is the disease of MOVEMENT DYSFUNCTION in conjunction with controlling your symptoms.

Failure to adopt this tandem approach will lead to a never ending cycle of increasing pain and disability.

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